My Priorities

Setting Funding Priorities

There’s always a tendency to call all budget line items “essential.” It takes a concerted effort to dig into the details and discover what is truly essential. Setting priorities, continuing to review budgets, and making tough decisions are all prerequisites to lowering our operating cost.

Safely managing Ada County during COVID-19

Ada County plays a vital role in funding and supporting Central District Health (CDH). CDH ensures that essential public health services are made available to protect the health of all citizens of Ada County, and other counties in our region. Commissioner Lachiondo is presently a member of the CDH Board of Directors. We need to continue funding for CDH and stick with proven methods to keep our communities healthy.

Reducing the Financial Impacts to County Residents

Ada County’s goal must be to keep property taxes as low as practicable while continuing to provide essential services. While the property tax issue primarily stems from inadequate public education funding and property tax legislation from the State Legislature, the County must consistently strive to provide tax fairness to homeowners.

Responsibly Addressing Growth and Infrastructure

As Ada and surrounding counties continue to grow, the Commission must make land use decisions that both reduce the amount of sprawl into our farmland and reduce the tax burden on existing residents. New development in the middle of nowhere is expensive to service, difficult to connect, and a driver of additional road congestion. I support the continued work of a plan for coordinated and fiscally responsible growth across Ada.

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